Video Workouts Reimagined

Video Workouts Reimagined

Get in shape on your terms
Workout Anywhere

Workout anywhere

Stream workouts from any device
Celebrity Personal Trainers

celebrity personal trainers

Lots of free workout videos
Workout with friends

Workout with friends

Connect, Encourage, Support each other


Online Streaming Workouts

Unlimited online streaming fitness video workouts from elite trainers. Also, opt-in to receive notifications when your favorite personal trainer adds new content.


Connect Wearable Devices

Exercise in your room, the gym, or outside. Get real time tracking during your workout videos and any other fitness activities (e.g. running, intramurals and club sports).


Group Competition

Connect with current and former classmates with similar workout goals. Engage in fun competitions between teams, departments, and against other universities.


Custom Workout Plans

Never miss a workout. Select plans based on your personal fitness goals and your daily workouts will be reflected on your calendar.


iPhone Fitness app

Get the Resoltz iPhone App to stream workouts on your phone, connect select wearable devices and view your heart rate overlaid on the video for real time tracking.

Insights &

Online Coaching

Insights to help you understand how you're progressing over time. Focus on individual performance or see how your consistency compares with others.

Fitness Content

Select workouts to stream from elite personal trainers.

Bombay Jam
Bombay Jam
Fun dance fitness workouts to hit Bollywood songs.
Build muscle or tone up using basic equipment.
Aimee Nicotera
Aimee Nicotera
20-min of cardio and toning.
Coach Tommy
Coach Tommy
30-min bodyweight workouts for beginners to elite athletes.
K's Perfect Fitness
K's Perfect Fitness
Kristen is a former dancer. Her workouts keep you lean, strong, and flexible.
Christine Salus
Christine Salus
Cardio exercises that include silent workouts, which are neighbor friendly.
Millionaire Hoy
Millionaire Hoy
Quick 10-minute abs, hiit, total body workouts that will torch calories.
Why we created Resoltz
We had failed miserably at balancing healthy lifestyles with our careers. The bad habits we picked up in college didn't help either. We tried various fitness apps but struggled to maintain engagement to see the results. This inspired us to create Resoltz. We wanted to help ourselves and the people we cared about the most. A few months after launch, we noticed our users found it easy to build Resoltz into their daily routine. Most important, many of our users began to feel more comfortable testing the boundaries of their athletic abilities. This was amazing to see. So we committed ourselves to helping more people increase their athletic confidence. The experience changed our lives for the better. And we hope to do the same for others.
Be inspiring
Hi, I'm Eugene. When my career as a professional athlete came to an end, I struggled to find the motivation to exercise consistently. My fitness habits were previously built around my desire to compete and be a great teammate. At the start of my second career, I buried myself in work and pretty soon I was 35lbs overweight. I barely recognized the person looking back at me in the mirror. But with Guy's help, we developed Resoltz to build habits that completely changed my life. Even though I'm making progress in my own fitness journey, I will never forget how challenging it was for me to be consistent. Now, my passion is to help others build habits around health and fitness. I truly believe everyone has a chance to be inspiring.
Enjoy the fitness journey
Hi, I'm Guy. I was raised in Lebanon and grew up in a culture where the pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle was far from the norm. Things got worse for me when I began my career as a software engineer, where I spent hours at a time sitting in a chair writing lines of code. I was happy with my career progression but I had the feeling that I wasn't making the most of what my life had to offer. I decided to do something about it and joined Gene to create Resoltz. What I enjoy most about building the Resoltz platform is finding ways to make the fitness journey more fun. My journey is still a challenge but I have a sincere excitement to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life. I can't wait to work with you.